Can an Expert Testify in My Virginia Workers’ Comp Case?

Can an Expert Testify in My Virginia Workers’ Comp Case?

In an ideal world, your employer?s insurance company would approve your Virginia workers’ compensation claim shortly after your workplace injury and you?d start receiving benefits promptly. In practice, your experience may be very different. The insurer may dispute or deny your claim, especially if your injuries are serious, your medical bills are high, and you could be out of work for a long time. When you?re forced to fight for your rights as an injured employee, you need solid evidence to establish that you?re entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Under the circumstances, you may be wondering if you can get this essential proof by retaining an expert in a Virginia workers’ comp case.

The short answer is that you can, but it?s critical that you have a solid strategy behind using such a professional. Attorney Cerid Lugar at Lugar Injury Law have extensive experience working with experts in workers’ comp claims, so we?ve developed a proven approach to maximize the value of their contributions. To learn how experts can support your claim, please contact our firm to schedule a free consultation with a Roanoke workers’ compensation attorney. Some background information may also be useful.

How Experts Support Your Claim for Workers’ Comp Benefits

In the practice law, an expert is someone who has a specialized background in a particular area based upon education, training, and experience. Regarding the specific area of workers’ compensation, these individuals might have particular knowledge about a factor that your employer?s workers’ comp insurance company is using as grounds to deny your claim. In the effort to get the monetary benefits you deserve by law, your attorney would draw from this person?s expertise to analyze and offer an opinion on the matter.

Utilizing experts gives you an advantage in a disputed workers’ comp claim because their background is viewed as highly credible and convincing to the insurance company. They can make sense of technical, scientific, financial and other complex issues, providing the clarity an insurer needs to approve your claim.

Retaining Experts in a Virginia Workers’ Comp Case

Every workers’ comp claim is different, so there may be many disputed issues that are preventing the insurance company from paying benefits. Still, the key area of contention is whether you?re entitled to benefits, putting the spotlight on your injuries, the causes behind them, and much more. As such, your lawyer may call upon the services of many different types of professionals. For instance:

  • Medical experts can offer an opinion on the nature and severity of your injuries, current and future treatment, physical limitations, prognosis for recovery, and related matters.
  • An occupational or vocational professional might review your circumstances and provide an assessment of how your condition affects your ability to work, both in your current professional and potential employment in the future.
  • If you suffer from an occupational disease from conditions in the workplace, you might work with a chemist who has specialized knowledge about the effects of exposure to hazardous materials.

In addition, you should note that your employer?s workers’ comp insurer may also retain the services of experts to support its position on your claim. It?s common for the insurance company to employ vocational experts, who review your medical records and related information. This professional is hired to side with the insurer, so the opinion is likely to favor the company?s interests ? not yours.

Trust a Virginia Workers’ Comp Lawyer for Legal Help with Your Claim

When you need to take on your employer and an insurance company to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve, it?s important to draw upon all possible resources to support your claim. By retaining an expert in a Virginia workers’ comp case, you have access to the credible evidence you need to gain approval. Working with a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney is also crucial, so please contact Lugar Injury Law for more information on our legal services. You can set up a complimentary case assessment at our Roanoke, VA office by calling (540) 384-0348 or use our online contact form.