The federal government has a system of laws that are separate from those of Virginia. Violation of U.S. laws will result in you getting charged in federal court. Such cases are considered very serious in nature. The United States Department of Justice will prosecute you. This means that you will need to protect yourself against the full might of the federal government.

Not all attorneys are licensed to practice in federal court. It is, therefore, crucial that you retain counsel who has the ability and experience necessary to handle your matter. Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke criminal defense lawyer and is licensed in the Western District of Virginia. Attorney Lugar prides herself on providing high levels of aggressive defense to her clients, and she will give your case the attention it deserves.??To schedule a free, initial consultation of your case, contact Lugar Law PC at (540) 384-0348.

Understanding Federal Charges

The federal government has its own set of criminal laws that are embodied in Title 18 of the U.S. Code. Arrests for violating these provisions may be made by the FBI, other federal agencies, or local police. Federal charges often include high-level forms of conduct such as drug trafficking, transporting illegal items across state lines, conspiracy, and more. Cases can also involve other conduct, including illegally possessing a firearm after having been convicted of a felony. The U.S. Attorney?s office will bring charges against you. If you?re convicted of the offenses, then you will be sentenced pursuant to the federal guidelines.

Your federal case begins when you receive an indictment by a grand jury. Most often, you?ll find out about a case prior to indictment by receiving a ?subject? or ?target? letter from the U.S. Attorney?s office. If charged, you will be arraigned before a federal magistrate judge and enter a plea of ?not guilty.? If you are detained, the federal magistrate judge will consider granting a bond pending trial. A trial date will be placed on the court?s docket, and the prosecution will provide your federal attorney with arrest reports, witness statements, and other information.

Federal charges, such as those involving guns or drugs, often revolve around the issue of whether law enforcement obtained incriminating evidence by violating your rights. If such a violation occurred, then the accused may file a motion to suppress any such evidence. Depending on the circumstances, such a motion may result in the dismissal of your charges. If a dismissal cannot be obtained, and a resolution cannot be reached with the prosecutors, then it will be necessary to prepare your case for trial. This will include conducting a full investigation, potentially retaining experts, and interviewing witnesses. The Federal Rules of Evidence will be strictly enforced at a trial, and the court?s procedures must be followed.

How a Federal Lawyer Can Help

Attorney Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke attorney assisting those who face federal charges in the Western District of Virginia. During the initial consultation of your case, she will gain a better understanding of how you became a subject or target of the federal government. She will obtain evidence relevant to your case and launch a full investigation. This will include visiting the scene of the incident and interviewing potential witnesses. Attorney Lugar will fully question the officers who arrested you at a hearing, and argue for exclusion of the evidence. If a dismissal is not granted, then she will work to resolve your matter on the most favorable terms possible. If a fair resolution is not reached, then she will not hesitate to take your case to trial – ensuring that your rights remain protected from beginning to end. ?

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At times, even if you are not a witness, subject, or target of a federal criminal investigation, your or your company may receive a federal grand jury subpoena for records. Attorney Cerid Lugar is experienced at assisting clients in responding to grand jury subpoenas, criminal investigative demands, and civil investigative demands issued by the United States or one of its many agencies. Many times, subpoenas demand more information than what they are entitled by law to request or receive. At Lugar Law PC, we can help negotiate the scope of a subpoena and are ready and willing to challenge the legality of a subpoena in federal court.

You and your company only have one chance at a first impression with federal agents or government attorneys. Attorney Lugar understands the gravity of facing federal charges. This is why she strives to provide quality service in addition to high levels of representation. To schedule a free and confidential consultation of your case, contact us today at (540) 384-0348.