??Nothing is more important to a parent than the well-being of their child or children. We all want our kids to succeed and to get through life without difficulty. Unfortunately, there are times when kids make mistakes. Such mistakes can include a run-in with law enforcement and a youth being arrested. When this circumstance arises, then it is crucial that you retain a Roanoke criminal law attorney experienced in handling such matters.

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Juvenile Crimes in Virginia

Virginia juveniles who commit a crime face a different legal system. Unlike matters which take place in the adult system, charges involving a minor are considered civil in nature when approaching how to rehabilitate the person charged. Common offenses faced by minors include drug charges, DUI cases, and crimes of violence. The crimes are still very much criminal charges with serious implications, but the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts take a much more rehabilitative role when handling these matters.

Minors are considered to be in a system which is meant to help them get back on the right path. This difference of approach, however, will seem superficial to most parents, as their child(ren) still are facing criminal charges. A youth can still be punished with incarceration, boys? and girls? homes, legal proceedings, and more.

Juvenile cases begin with an arraignment and a detention hearing at which your child will admit or deny the allegations. If they deny the allegations, then a hearing date will be set. Often when charged with felonies, the court will determine your son or daughter will be detained at a detention center until the hearing, or for a certain period at the initial hearing. When warrants are issued, your child can be picked up from school or home and taken to the detention center until the court has a hearing on detention and arraignment. The trial is by judge only, who presides over the case and decides whether or not your child committed the offense.

Your son or daughter will be afforded the same Constitutional protections that adults receive. These protections include the Fourth Amendment right against an unreasonable search and seizure, the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, and more. If law enforcement violated these rights, then – depending on the circumstances – it may be possible to have the charges dismissed. If a dismissal is not obtained, and a resolution cannot otherwise be reached, then the matter will proceed to a hearing. If the judge finds that the offense occurred then your child will be adjudicated ?delinquent.? From here, they will either be incarcerated or placed under supervision. The juvenile justice system has many unique intricacies, and it is important to retain a lawyer familiar with handling such matters.

Why You Need an Experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Attorney Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke attorney handling cases in which a minor has been accused of a criminal act. She will perform an initial consultation of your son or daughter?s case to help your family understand what to expect from the juvenile justice process. She will quickly acquire all available evidence from the prosecution and launch a full investigation into your child?s alleged conduct. If she believes their rights were violated, then all appropriate motions will be filed with the court. She will adamantly argue for dismissal, and, if one cannot be obtained, it will be her goal to reach the best possible agreement with the Commonwealth. If such a resolution cannot be obtained, then attorney Lugar will take your child?s case to a hearing. ?

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A family has enough on their plate when their child is facing charges. It is important that their defense attorney stays in regular contact with them throughout the process. Attorney Cerid Lugar provides a high level of lawyer-client communication. She will make herself available to address your concerns and will also promptly respond to any messages. Lugar Law PC is built on the idea that everyone is entitled to a high level of representation, and this is our belief in each and every case we handle.

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