Most Dangerous Intersections in Roanoke

Most Dangerous Intersections in Roanoke

Although Roanoke is a great place to live and work, there are many car accidents that occur at dangerous intersections in the area. Below, we?ll discuss the most dangerous intersections in Roanoke. If you get hurt in an intersection accident that was not your fault, consult our experienced Roanoke car accident lawyers at Lugar Injury Law. We may be able to help you secure fair and full compensation in a car accident claim. Call us at (540) 384-0348 today.

Where are the Dangerous Intersections?

While a car accident can happen at any intersection in Roanoke, accidents are particularly common at the following busy intersections.

Orange Avenue and Williamson Road

Orange Avenue and Williamson Road is considered the most dangerous intersection in Roanoke. It?s the busiest intersection in the area, especially in the morning and late evening hours. Whenever traffic gets backed up there, it can take multiple light cycles to get through, leading to frustrated drivers who drive aggressively.

Melrose Avenue and Peters Creek Road

Roanoke police consider Melrose Avenue and Peters Creek Road to be the second most dangerous intersection in the area. More than 50 crashes occur at this intersection each year because drivers often speed in an attempt to beat red lights.

Electric Road and Elm View Road

People who work near the busy intersection of Electric Road and Elm View Road spot accidents there on a regular basis. Rear-end collisions are particularly common at this intersection as drivers simply speed and don?t pay enough attention.

Challenger Avenue and Cloverdale Road

The intersection of Challenger Avenue and Cloverdale Road is similar to Electric Road and Elm View Road. It?s congested and despite this, drivers speed and engage in distracted driving. Radar speed trailers are often put out to give drivers a visual estimation of how fast they?re going and encourage them to slow down.

Common Causes of Intersection Accidents

In most cases, intersection accidents in Roanoke are the result of these factors.

  • Impatience at red lights: While yellow lights at intersections mean slow down, many drivers believe they should speed up instead. If they speed as a light turns red and another car decides to go, the chances of a T-bone crash is highly likely.
  • Speeding: Following the speed limits at intersections is crucial. There are many drivers at intersections and one speeder can create a dangerous environment for everyone.
  • Unsafe turning: Sometimes, drivers make turns at intersections when they can?t see what?s going on. This almost always leads to a crash.
  • Distracted driving: Eating, drinking, fumbling with radio controls, and texting are all examples of distracted driving behaviors that increase the risk of intersection collisions.
  • Improper yielding: Many intersection accidents occur because drivers speed through intersections quickly without paying attention to their surroundings. It?s important to yield to cars who are already in the intersection as well as drivers who arrive there before you.
  • Intoxicated driving: When a driver is under the influence of alcohol and drugs, they don?t have the focus and level of alertness they need to drive safely in an intersection and avoid crashes.

Injured in an Intersection Accident? Contact Lugar Injury Law

If you?ve sustained an injury in an intersection accident that was caused by another party?s negligence, contact our firm right away. We have represented many victims in Roanoke car accidents and will ensure your rights are protected. Call Lugar Injury Law at (540) 384-0348 today.