What Is a ?First Report of Injury??

What Is a ?First Report of Injury??

A First Report of Injury, or a FROI, is used to report a workplace injury to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission or your Insurance Claim Administrator. This form provides details that are necessary to get your injury covered.

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Where Can I Find a First Report of Injury?

Your employer should make the FROI form available to you when you report your workplace injury to them. However, if they do not or if you need an additional copy of the First Report of Injury, you can also find it on the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission website.

The form can be printed out and completed in ink and returned to the Workers’ Comp Commission or your Workers’ Comp Insurance Company. It can also be downloaded in Microsoft Word Document format and typed onto. If you type onto it, you will still have to print it to sign it in ink.

What Type of Information Does the FROI Need?

The First Report of Injury is a form that collects everything necessary to begin processing your claim.

Employer Information

You must provide information about your employer. That includes the employer?s legal name, mailing address, and federal employer identification number (FEIN). You might find your employer?s FEIN number on your tax forms or you can ask your human resources department.

You will also need information about your employer?s workers’ compensation insurance policy. This should be available from your HR department or supervisor. You will include the employer?s name on the insurance policy and nature of business as well as the name of the insurer or self-insurer and policy number.

Time and Place of Accident

The FROI will ask for information about the accident that caused your injuries. That includes the following:

  • Location where the accident occurred
  • Date that the injury or illness was reported
  • Date of injury
  • Time or hour of injury

If the accident was fatal, you will have to give the date of death, marital status of the deceased worker, and number of dependent children. The FROI asks this information about dependents to prepare for allotment of benefits.

Injured Worker

The FROI will also collect information about the injured worker, including name, birth date, sex, and contact information. An ID number, such as a social security number, green card, employment visa, or passport no., should be included as well. You should also detail the occupation at the time of the injury or illness.

Nature and Cause of Accident

The FROI provides only a few lines to detail the nature and cause of the accident that resulted in your injuries. It asks if there was a machine, tool, or object that caused the injury or illness. It asks you to describe fully how the injury or illness occurred. It also asks you to detail which body parts were affected.

If you don?t have enough room on the form in the small lines to detail this information, it should be typed or written on a separate sheet and attached or included with the FROI.


Don?t forget to sign and date your form. You will also have to provide your phone number and address. If you skip this step, your FROI will not be accepted and it could delay your claim.

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