What Is Workers’ Comp Back Pay?

What Is Workers’ Comp Back Pay?

Being hurt at work can be a significant setback for you and your family. One of your primary concerns is likely how you will continue to pay bills if you?re unable to work. If you?ve been without compensation for a while, you may be able to get workers’ comp back pay.

Our attorneys have represented many people hurt in workplace accidents. We understand how it can be important to recover compensation and workers’ comp back pay after a serious injury. Do not delay in contacting your lawyer if you or a loved one are hurt on the job.

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Back Pay For A Work Injury In Virginia

It?s important to act quickly when you are injured on the job. Virginia law requires most workers to follow the workers’ compensation process when seeking financial damages. Exceptions to this can apply to independent contractors, domestic employees, and certain agricultural workers. Even if you act as quickly as possible, you will still incur expenses before you receive your workers’ compensation payment. In fact, Virginia law in Section 65.2-509 doesn?t allow for you to initially collect damages for the first seven days of your injury.

Fortunately, Section 65.2-509 does allow for back pay and damages for injury expenses if your injury has kept you out of work for at least 21 days. This back pay will cover damages from the beginning of your injury including those incurred in the first seven days. Unfortunately, Virginia?s workers’ comp law makes it nearly impossible to recover lost wages for the first seven days following your injury if your incapacitation is less than 21 days.

Back Pay Can Help You With Many Expenses

Your injury at work requires immediate medical attention. However, the claims process for workers’ comp can be complicated. Your employer may be less than helpful, and it can take weeks for your damages to be approved. Back pay from workers’ comp is necessary for many injured workers who are falling behind on their bills after suffering from a serious injury. Your workers’ compensation payments can help you with the following:

  • Current medical bills related to your injury
  • Future medical needs including physical therapy
  • Lost wages due to inability to work
  • Future lost earning potential
  • Training for new employment necessary due to your injuries

How A Lawyer Can Help You Secure Workers’ Comp Back Pay

Many accident victims fail to speak with a lawyer before they begin the workers’ compensation process. This often results in unnecessary delays and ultimately fewer damages being paid out to the injured party. Virginia?s workers comp system is supposed to provide for accurate damages to be calculated and paid to accident victims. However, the process becomes complex very quickly, and the parties involved may not share the sense of urgency held by the victim and their family. Some of the reasons to consult with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer for back pay after an injury include:

  • Make sure you get all the funds you deserve – Calculating damages according to the workers’ comp system is complex. An experienced attorney can help make sure you don?t miss out on damages you need.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays – The parties involved sometimes fail to work in a timely fashion. A lawyer can help you avoid needless delays during the claims process.
  • Protect your rights – It?s illegal for your employer to retaliate against you if you file a workers’ comp claim. A skilled lawyer will help protect your rights during this time.

Contact Lugar Law If You Have Been Hurt While On The Job

It?s important to act quickly after a workplace injury. Virginia?s workers’ comp system is complex, and you can?t delay in securing the financial help you need. Contact your lawyer as soon as possible after being harmed in an accident.

Our firm has represented many injured workers throughout Virginia. We understand that it?s important to recover workers’ comp back pay after you have been unable to work for weeks or months due to an injury. Your employer, and their insurance provider, will not be as concerned about your back pay as you and your family. Our attorneys know that you cannot wait for the help you need.

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