Even inexperienced drivers should notice semi-trucks make wide turns. Large commercial vehicles, particularly semis that have a tractor and a trailer, cannot turn in the same small radius as a personal car. Trucks must swing wide to make a 90-degree right turn. Trucks need to start a turn from the second lane to the left, instead of the right turn lane. Or a wide turn places trucks in the additional lane of traffic, which may be for opposing traffic. These factors, and others, increase the risk of right-turn accidents. Truck drivers who carelessly make wide turns put motorists at risk.

At Lugar Injury Law, we have more litigation experience and can handle wide turn truck accidents. Our clients can include individuals who are injured when a truck makes a wide right turn, though we also can represent individuals and families harmed by left truck turns.

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What Are Wide Turn Truck Accidents?

Wide truck turns occur when commercial vehicles must occupy an additional lane of traffic to complete a turn safely.

Trucks making wide turns may start from a different position. A truck turning right may swing into the lane of traffic left of the right turn lane to avoid driving into a lane with opposing traffic.

Trucks making wide turns may have to move into the lane of traffic left of their intended lane. Truck drivers should avoid this on a two-lane road because of oncoming traffic. On four-lane roads, this lane may be clear of traffic.

Wide turns are not a truck driver?s preference. Large commercial vehicles have a high center of gravity, which increases the risk of a tip-over or rollover accident. If a large truck tries to make a right turn within too small of a radius, the trucker significantly increases the risk of tipping over.

Wide Right Turn Accidents

At Lugar Injury Law, we handle a variety of types of wide turn truck accidents, including head-on collisions and right squeeze accidents.

When a trucker makes a wide turn into an opposing lane of traffic, the truck may collide head-on with another vehicle. We are here to represent the victims of a head-on wide turn accident.

More common than head-on collisions are squeeze-play accidents. The definition of a right turn squeeze accident is when a truck attempts to make a wide right turn and leaves too much space between the right curb and the truck, enabling a vehicle to drive between the curb and the truck. When the truck makes the wide right turn, it strikes the vehicle between it and the curb. The truck?s right turn may shove the vehicle under the trailer.

We also have handled accident claims in which a negligent truck driver causes their truck to tip or roll. If you were injured in a truck tip-over accident, call us right away.

Common Causes of Wide Turn Accidents

Wide turn truck accidents are sometimes the fault of a negligent trucker, trucking company, or truck manufacturer. If you or a relative were injured in a wide turn accident and you believe the truck was at fault, contact Lugar Injury Law right away. We will thoroughly investigate the accident and determine the cause of the dangerous wide turn.

Truck drivers may cause a wide right turn accident because of poor driving techniques, such as:

  • Failing to use turn signals,
  • Entering a right turn with the rear of the trailer too far from the curb,
  • Swinging the truck out of the far-right lane and leaving an opening for vehicles,
  • Failing to use windows and mirrors to keep a lookout and properly manage space,
  • Entering a turn lane too quickly, or
  • Backing up to complete a turn.

Other common causes of wide turn accidents include:

  • Defective turn signals,
  • Defective or lack of appropriate mirrors,
  • Lack of truck driving experience,
  • Lack of qualifications and training,
  • Unfamiliarity with a new route,
  • Driver distraction,
  • Driver fatigue, and
  • Driving while impaired due to drugs or alcohol.

It is a truck driver?s responsibility to make right and left turns safely, even when they must make a wide turn. However, a truck driver can do everything right and still be involved in a wide turn truck accident because of another negligent motorist. This is a common defense to wide turn accident claims.

It is important to work with an experienced truck accident lawyer after an accident because you must prove you were not at all responsible for the accident. When you were injured in a wide turn accident, you do not want a negligent truck driver placing the blame on you. You have to prove the truck operator or company was 100% at fault.

CDL Turning Rules

To obtain a Commercial Driver?s License (CDL), prospective truck drivers have to learn how to make wide right turns and left turns safely. The CDL training manual provides instructions on managing space properly while operating a truck.

For right turns, the CDL manual states:

  • Turn slowly,
  • Keep the rear of the vehicle close to the curb;
  • Turn wide as you complete the turn,;
  • Do not turn wide to the left as you begin the turn;
  • When you must cross into an oncoming lane, watch out for oncoming vehicles and give them room to stop or go by you; and
  • Do not back up.

For left turns, the CDL manual states:

  • Reach the center of the intersection before starting the left turn, and,
  • When there are two turning lanes, use the right-hand lane.

Pursuing Compensation After Wide Turn Truck Accidents

If you were injured in a wide right turn accident, contact Lugar Injury Law right away. By filing a truck accident lawsuit and pursuing an insurance settlement, we will fight for you to receive compensation for your:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage
  • Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Reduced Earning Capacity
  • Reduced Quality of Life

Pure Contributory Negligence in Virginia

We will conduct a thorough and in-depth investigation into the truck accident. Truck drivers and trucking companies often contest who is at fault for wide turn accidents. They may claim the trucker did everything possible to complete the turn safely and that you, the other motorist, got in the trucker?s way.

Under Virginia?s pure contributory negligence rule, if the Judge or jury finds you are responsible for the accident by any degree, the law prohibits you from receiving compensation. If a truck driver or company can prove you were even a small amount at fault, then they do not have to pay damages.

By retaining a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible, you have the opportunity to gather evidence establishing the truck driver?s carelessness in making the wide turn at that location. This can help you prove you were not at all negligent and obtain compensation for your injuries.

Lugar Injury Law Routinely Handles Wide Turn Truck Accidents

Dealing with a serious truck accident is always frustrating. Your vehicle may be totaled. You may be dealing with serious injuries and medical bills. You may have even lost your parent, spouse, or child and are grieving this loss. Whatever your experience, you deserve to have an experienced legal representative fight for your rights. Lugar Injury Law is here to aggressively pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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